How long has BSC existed?

BSC UK started in 2000. Most of our Clients there are in Financial Services in the City of London. We have acquired a reputation as the Wealth Manager of wealth managers. With this impressive track record, we opened the Hong Kong office last year.

What is Black Swan Capital?

We are an Independent Wealth Manager. Independence is important as it enables us to be completely unbiased in product selection unlike banks or insurers who are always under pressure to sell in-house products. Wealth Management is much more than being a Financial Advisor. It is about a holistic client relationship requiring high level of bespoke tailoring and investment management expertise.

In these troubled times, how do we know we can trust Black Swan Capital?

Firstly, Black Swan Capital never handles Client money; investments always go directly to the product provider. Secondly, recent collapses of financial icons show that history, size of balance sheet or familiarity of brand mean nothing – it is only individuals which can be trusted. That’s why we always encourage new Clients to take their time and use their own judgement and our testimonials to decide whether they can trust their Wealth Manager.

Is Black Swan Capital Really Different?

Yes, and in many ways. Our Wealth Managers have a salary based remuneration system designed to align their rewards with Clients’ objectives.

We carry out thorough market research and respond directly to Client feedback, continually adding fund managers, our own structured products and other investment vehicles to our platform.

What examples of your “Unique Product Solutions” can you show?

For example:


Client Need
A market neutral fund with the
potential to perform irrespective of market direction and reduce portfolio risk


We identified a UK Equity Long/Short fund and made it available through one of our standard trading platforms


Client Need 
A safe haven when everything
seems to be going down

We signed terms of business with a specialist commodity fund fund manager in order to gain access to their Gold Bullion fund