Working since 1990

Wealth Management

As independent Wealth Managers, we provide truly “independent” product and service advice. Unlike banks, fund houses and insurers, we are not biased towards in- house products. We use our own unique asset allocation models and portfolio construction processes to guide Clients towards the most appropriate investment strategy for their particular circumstances and objectives. We aim to nurture and maintain long-term relationships with our Clients and we reward their commitment. It all begins with a meeting with one of our experienced, professional Wealth Managers.

Your goals drive each decision. Our approach will help define the direction you want your life to follow while helping you understand the impact of each financial decision you make.We will take the time to fully understand your situation, personal and financial, to ensure that your wealth planning strategy meets your individual objectives, requirements, and risk profile. Thorough portfolio monitoring paired with regular reviews ensure that your wealth plans are always in line with your current circumstances.

The critical first step toward success is to determine your goals. We start with comprehensive data gathering. You will work with someone that can help you define your goals and objectives: saving for retirement, college planning, portfolio management, cash flow, etc. Based on your goals, we will build a plan and a portfolio that has been designed to meet your needs and match your risk profile

Helping you manage your wealth. You can do anything when you manage your wealth in the right way. Whether you want to grow, protect or pass your wealth to the next generation, our customized solutions will help you achieve your goals
Passing on your wealth can be emotional and complex. You’ll receive support and advice to make sure your wealth reaches the right hands at the right time.

We hope the Frequently Asked Questions page of this website will give you an insight into how we operate, but to fully appreciate the scope of our services and the quality of our advice, contact us now or come to one of our many events to experience the difference personally. We regularly host financial events such as seminars, as well as less formal social events such as wine-tasting!

Working since 1990

Individual & Corporate Insurance Planning

Managing risk in today’s environment is complex. It becomes even more difficult when global events such as a pandemic, cyberattack, geo-political upheavals or supply chain disruption affect not only your business and employees but your customers, suppliers, and the economies where you operate.

Our team helps you continually uncover insight into the most pressing business risks and build roadmaps for better outcomes. Our team works closely and collaboratively to implement change that impacts financial improvement, helping you manage volatility.  You’ll adopt and implement new strategies to help reduce risk exposure, improve profitability and strengthen organizational resilience. Specialized expertise and advanced analytics, we enable businesses to spot opportunities.

Each partner is seasoned with over 25 years of wealth management experience

Our solid relationships with worldwide insurance providers enable us to tailor insurance planning and protection strategies specific to each client.